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Meet the Members of Our Team

Laura is an experienced consultant with 20 years of successful business planning, project management, traffic engineering and resource management. Her experience in service and manufacturing operations with high growth industry leaders has been dynamic and innovative. Laura has developed unique operational solutions for companies facing the challenges of managing multiple skills in multiple centers. She has taught and lectured at several universities and has written many articles on Resource Management Statistical Analysis. Laura is on the faculty for the University of Phoenix and is currently authoring a handbook on business forecasting processes in contact center environments. Purdue University has certified Laura as a Call Center Auditor using Benchmark PortalĀ® and ICMI awarded Laura Consultant Certification. Laura was a speaker at the ICCM 2002, 2003 and 2004 Conferences and writes articles for Call Center Management Review. Laura has an MBA and additional education in information technology and resource management, as well as competitive operations.

Dea has been a senior level executive and/or corporate officer for several Fortune 500 companies during her twenty-five years in service delivery operations, call center engineering, contact center management , and customer relationship management. As a service provider to a long list of companies that includes American Express, AARP, Spherion, UPS, The Cross Country Group and Thomson Consumer Electronics, Dea has formed an industry reputation for successfully developing and implementing solid solutions to multi-dimensional complex service delivery operational issues. She has located, built and implemented many time sensitive build out projects as part of her own or client growth. In 1996 she co-founded NorCross Teleservices, successfully creating and implementing a long-term business plan to market insourcing and outsourcing of clients' complex customer care operations. This very successful company is now a division of the Spherion Corporation. Over the past fifteen years she has lectured at numerous professional seminars, universities and conferences and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USAir Radio, Service Level News and other industry publications. In addition to her BA in Marketing and Psychology, Dea has a continuing education in Strategic and Competitive Operations at Harvard University , and System Dynamics at the Sloan School of Business, MIT.

Mary Anne is a prominent MSA, CPA specializing in small business and venture groups. Her professional skills are applied not only to Harrington Consulting Group, but to client solutions as well.

Dr. Powers, Ed.D., is the President of Powers & Co., Management Psychologists, specializing in executive management dynamics. He is frequently asked to present management seminars that are well known as effective and entertaining. Paul's client audience comes from Fortune 500 companies.

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • During our rapid expansion, eSupportNow was faced with opening up new contact centers on each coast, and a new corporate headquarters, almost simultaneously. Harrington Consulting Group's services were invaluable. From site selection and architectural design to project management and staffing, we were able to deliver our new sites on time and on budget.

    Jerry Hinch
    eSupportNow, Inc.

  • This group has always been known in our industry as a 'client selective' group. If, after their discovery process, they see no apparent value-add or a conflict in business philosophy, they will respectfully decline the project. This strategy is unique in a universe of newly created 'call center' experts. As a result, they are my choice for operations projects.

    Nancy Leeser
    Boston Coach

  • Harrington Consulting has been a very helpful resource to Thompson's multimedia Customer Care Center. Their special expertise in call center operations, resource management, site selection, call center technology and human resources has made them an important consultant to our operation. HCG has bridged the gap between consulting and implementation by actually assisting in the execution of their recommendations.

    Scott Medawar
    Thompson Consumer Electronics

  • Year after year we have continued our partnership with the Harrington Consulting Group because of their expertise, integrity and reliability to handle diverse call center operations projects. I highly recommend them, especially if the project requires a depth of operational capabilities.

    Bill Parker
    Spherion Customer Care Solutions

  • If it had not been for their guidance and dedication, I don't believe this project would have been as successful as it has been.

    Sandy Savage
    Cross Country Automotive Services